Torquay Great Ocean Road

Saltwater Wellness

There are so many reasons why the beach is good for you - the fresh sea air in your lungs, the calming waves, the cleansing properties of the salty water and the grainy sand polishing your skin. A morning stroll or jog is a great heart starter and a dip in the refreshing waters can have a calming effect both for the mind and body. Simply watching the sun as it sinks below the horizon brings a sense of peace. Maybe a seaside getaway is just what the doctor ordered?

Surf Coast Walk

Explore the inspiring coastal landscapes on foot or by bike when you enjoy the Surf Coast Walk. Relax and soak in the natural beauty offered on this easily accessible trail.  Starting at Torquay, it is the largest town along the Surf Coast Walk with many cafés and restaurants close to the coast providing an ideal meeting point for your walking adventure. The Surf Coast Walk starts at Point Impossible, five kilometres northeast of Torquay, taking you through windswept dunes to the Torquay promenade with the conveniences of local cafes and shops for a refresh.

Bells Beach Sunrise Torquay Great Ocean Road Victoria IMG 1673

Follow the sunrise

Never surfed in your life, no matter!

A trip to Bells is a chance to capture a bit of the magic for yourself.

Just watching the die hard locals make the most of a good swell and you will feel like you are part of a secret club.

Watch the sunrise and enjoy the view!

We suggest visiting Bells Beach or Point Addis at sunrise.

On the Esplanade near Darian Road you will find the Sundial which is a local tourist attraction

Torquay is where the Great Ocean Road begins

Torquay is the start of the magnificent Great Ocean Road, 243kms carved by returned servicemen as a memorial to those who served and were lost in World War 1.   They used, explosives, picks, shovels, wheelbarrows and small machinery to carve the route from the rocky cliff faces and steep coastal mountains.  Today it is a journey of a lifetime offering superb lifestyle, and world class panoramic vistas.  As you marvel at the sights offered, pause and give thanks to those soldiers who honoured their mates.

The Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race

Outdoor Adventures

Walk along the waters edge, below towering sea-cliffs or take a flight for a bird's eye view of the dramatic coast and hinterland. Whatever your adventure, you are sure to find it along the road.

Torquay Beaches

Have you had your morning swim? The coffee's getting cold, so you better go quickly! Torquay beaches are good for more than just surfing, in fact some beaches hardly have a ripple at all. A great way to start the day!

Pack a picnic

Pack a picnic, head to the beach, enjoy lunch or dinner on one of the grassy knolls that line the beaches, spend your day relaxing at the sea side, broken by dips into the cool sea.  What better way to relax and rejuvinate!