Pack a picnic

Family having a picnic lunch on the Torquay foreshore

When the sun is out, so should you be. Make sure you pack the picnic rug when visiting Torquay and enjoy a meal immersed in nature.

In summer, it stays light until 9:30pm providing plenty of time to enjoy the warm evening air. Water temperatures are mild in summer, and a refreshing late evening dip is a must before bed. In the winter, rug up in a cozy jacket and bring a bottle of red to keep the spirits warm. Set up in the sheltered nook of a tree, peering out to see the frosty winds chopping up the ocean.

There are many great spots to pull out your picnic rug around Torquay:

The Esplanade

The wide grassy reserve beside Torquay's Front Beach along The Esplanade is a top spot for a picnic or barbecue. The ocean views are idyllic and there's usually a cool sea breeze on hot days. There are plenty of picnic tables, barbecues and a large children's playground.

Taylors Reserve

Sitting between Zeally Bay Rd and Beach Rd along the Esplanade is the bushland reserve of Taylor Park. The reserve has loads of trails to explore including a small watering hole that attract plenty of bird life. The BBQs in Taylors Park are beside the Lawn Bowls car park.

Spring Creek

Spring Creek is the creek running behind the sporting reserve on the corner of the Surf Coast Hwy and the start of the Great Ocean Road. On the western side of the creek, a walking track leads under the moonahs for peaceful views. You can go further on to the frog ponds and the BMX bike park. On the eastern side, dangle your feet in the water from the jetty near the netball courts or kick a ball around the oval.

Jan Jac 

Surrounded by soft grass, the Jan Jac Creek Playground located on Carnarvon Ave is a great spot for the kids, sheltered from the cold onshore breeze that frequents the cost line. The park has BBQ facilities, a picnic table, a small playground and plenty of space to kick the footy.